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SC Lottery for HanDBase  v.1.0

Database to keep track of the South Carolina Lottery Pick 3 and Pick 5 winning numbers. HanDbase Form included for entry of new numbers each day. System requirements: - HanDBase v.3.0x or

Lotto Calculator  v.1.1

Find out if it's really worthwhile playng Lotto. Check the odds and more! Check previous games for winning numbers, find out the odds for any Lotto, Powerball or Keno, run the simulator. Includes just under 200 optimized wheel systems. This won't win

LotNums  v.1.2

Pick your winning lottery numbers with a program with a difference. This application will pick from 1 to 8 numbers from a total of from 24 to 50 numbers so can be used for many types of lottery. The recently reported apparent effect of the phase of

Keno Portable Multilingual  v.2.1

Keno Portable Multilingual - download and play.

Generate random numbers software for excel, c++, asp, java, php and vb software applications!  v.2.0

Generate random numbers for use in excel, c++, asp, java, php and vb. You can specify random numberranges, use the results in applications such as vb apps, or gaming apps for random terra forming,generate unique numbers, floating point numbers pl

Learn Spanish Numbers Game  v.1.0

Ever had problems learning Spanish numbers? This free and friendly software will help you learn Spanish numbers. Fast and easy!

Big Numbers Calculator  v.1.0

Big Numbers Calculator is a small, simple, very easy to use application specially designed to offer you a tool for arithmetic, bitwise and base conversion operations over the big integers. for Windows2K, XP, Vista, 7

Advanced Exponents Numbers Informer  v.New

Advanced Exponents Numbers Informer is a small, command prompt based application designed to help you create, automatically, a list of numbers exponentials. You just need to enter a limit and a exponent, the application will make the rest. for

Advanced Exponent Numbers Calculator  v.New

Advanced Exponent Numbers Calculator is a small, command prompt based application specially designed to help you calculate any number with exponent. for WindowsAll

PATools Numbers to Words  v.New

PATools Numbers to Words is an Excel spreadsheet designed to convert the numbers you enter in the designated fields to actual words. For instance, if you enter 1234 as the number, the application will return one thousand two hundred and thirty four

Hide Fax Numbers  v.4.0.4042.30039

For everyone who has Outlook and doesn't like the duplicate email addresses that popup when you select the 'To:' (in the 'Select Names' window), this add-in is for you. It will change all fax numbers for a contact to have a pre-pended 'Fax:' before

Generate Random Numbers  v.1.0

Generate Random Numbers is a software application that generates random numbers that can be used for business purpose. Generate Random Numbers is a list producer for random number by using different algorithms includes random function, Messene

Learn Spanish Numbers  v.1.0

Ever had problems learning Spanish numbers? Do you think Spanish number are difficult? This free and friendly software will help you learn Spanish numbers. Fast and


FIBONACCI NUMBERS is a small and simple application that will calculate the Fibonacci Numbers with a press of a button.




Easily find the desired amicable numbers using this simple utility.

Lotto Numbers Generator  v.3.0

Lotto Numbers Generator 3.

Squared Numbers Informer  v.1.0.2

With this simple application, it's possible create a list of squared numbers without use directly multiplications.

Prime Numbers Informer  v.1.0.1

This is a simple application that give to the user the possibility to know prime numbers.

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